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Why is ATG so important?

If you do not have agency connections and the know-how to properly market yourself, it does  not matter how talented you are in this business. The most prosperous and effective people in this industry have a complete understanding of how to market themselves and the connections to be successful. They call it show “business” because it is in fact a business. Our professionals will provide you with the understanding of how to be successful business person in this industry. In short, you are taught where to go, what to do and how to do it.

Why do Industry Professionals use ATG?

Industry professionals who know first hand how to be successful in this business prepare our clients for stardom. We work with our talent to ensure that they are audition ready, camera ready, have a full understanding of their specific typecast and have a complete marketing package ready to go.

Do you accept everyone?

Show business is the most competitive industry in the world. We do not accept everyone into our program. The industry professionals we deal with trust that we are selecting those that we believe not only have the talent to be successful, but the work ethic to thrive in this industry. We hold auditions in order to be accepted into our programs so we can assure our professionals that we are providing the best all-around talent possible.

Regional Showcase

There are four categories we prepare our talent in for the regional showcase. We provide every talent with an evaluation on their image and help them understand how and where to successfully market themselves. We help them create a total marketing package around their individual personality, image and specific typecast.


Actors must prepare a 60 second monologue that is age-appropriate. Our team of professionals will help guide you in finding the perfect monologue. Facial expressions,voice diction and overall acting ability are evaluated during these auditions. Actors will need to bring a professional headshot and resume for the agents and scouts.


Dancers must prepare a one minute original dance piece. Dancers should be professionally trained in Tap, Jazz, Ballet or Hip Hop. Each Dancer will need a one minute version of their song to give to our professionals. Performance skills, stage presence, technique and commercial appeal are evaluated.  Dancers should also have a headshot and resume.


Models will have runway rehearsals as well as posing practice for the showcase.  Models will need a composite card featuring 4-5 great shots of the model. The shots should show diversity and at least 3 different looks. The pictures should vary from close up to full body shots. Our professionals will help pick outfits for your photoshoot.


Singers must have 2 song options ready for our professionals in either Pop, Rock or Broadway genres. Each song should be cut to 1 minute. You must have instrumental versions of your songs to sing to. Performance skills, vocal range and stage presence are evaluated. Singers should also have a headshot and resume.


iPOP! is the world’s leading talent event which promotes emerging talent to leading agents, 
managers, casting directors, and music industry professionals. Approaching it’s 13th year, iPOP! 
is held in Los Angeles in January and July. Performers come together from over 30 different countries. At the event, they work with industry experts, and participate in competitions in front of the many agents and managers who are looking for the stars of tomorrow. The transformation which happens to many is astonishing. Confidence is the key to success in life and is gained through experience. iPOP! puts your experience and development on hyper drive and is designed to be a safe, constructive, and fun first step. Successful immergence into the highly competitive worlds of acting, modeling, singing and dancing requires connections, talent and timing. iPOP! is an event not to be missed!

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